Valencia CF Cup (Easter)


Valencia CF Cup (Easter)

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17-20 April, 2014

Tour-Sport and the Valencia C.F. Foundation organise the Valencia C.F. Cup international youth football tournament.

Games are played at the Valencia C.F.’s Training Complex and because the first team will be at the height of the league season, the young participants will have the chance to see a professional team training.

Over 100 teams from all over Spain and many other countries come together to enjoy a memorable holiday with football as the common denominator.

An unforgettable experience plus everything a booming city like Valencia has to offer: leisure activities, culture, beaches, fabulous weather, plus plenty of atmosphere and entertainment.

Don’t miss the Valencia CF Cup!

Special Permits
Teams from countries (USA and England) whose cut-off date is August 1st may register players born after this date in year prior to date specified in each age group.

Age groups

B19 born after 01.01.1995  11 a-side

B16 born after 01.01.1998  11 a-side

B14 born after 01.01.2000  11 a-side

B12 born after 01.01.2002   8 a-side

B10 born after 01.01.2004   8 a-side

B08 born after 01.01.2005   8 a-side


Open age                           11 a-side

G16 born after 01.01.1998    8 a-side