Gothia Cup China

It is the first time for Gothia Cup to also be held outside of Sweden and the first edition of Gothia Cup China was held in Shenyang in August 2016.

Gothia Cup introduced its expertise and brand to China so more people can enjoy football.

260 teams from 29 countries played 670 games scoring 3904 goals in Gothia Cup China 2016.

2017 will see an increase to more than 300 teams coming from around 30 Nations of the World.

Gothia Cup China —Mission

• Continue to be the world’s leading youth football tournament by offering the best quality in everything we do.

• Offer a meeting place for the youth in China and in the world where Joy, friendship, sharing and understanding is created, no matter religion, color or nationality.

• Promote football in the youth in China

Gothia Opening Ceremony debuted in August 2016 Shenyang, China. As the 2016 Gothia Song goes ‘We are better together’, both Chinese and international performers presented a wonderful show. Street Football, Kungfu Panda dance, Africandrums, Iceland Viking Roar are something that makes everyone thrilled. You also had the beautiful Gothia Anthem ‘We are one’ sung by Swedish singer Matilda.

At the opening ceremony all teams marched behind their national flags. The presentation of the participating nations is the standing feature of the show. It isn’t easy to describe the opening ceremony just in words. Music, song, dancing, feeling and lots of joy are the ingredients.

For us it is all about mixing and composing these ingredients in the best way possible.