Dana Cup Hjorring


Dana Cup Hjorring

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July 22-27, 2013

If you have been to Hjørring and taken part in Dana Cup, you already know why it is Denmark’s largest and the world’s most international football tournament for youth teams. In the Dana Cup week, Hjørring is the home of colourful football.

Warmth, friendship and a streamlined organisation with personal service for everyone. Dana Cup does its best to take an interest in every visitor and we know that this is what he or she wants.

All games will be played on outstanding grass fields. We expect up to 20,000 participants including trainers, leaders, parents and referees at this year’s Dana Cup. So, come and join us!

Taking part in the Dana Cup also means the participants have an opportunity to enjoy some marvellous experiences in some of the loveliest parts of Denmark. Hjørring, a charming, idyllic town, is situated at the heart of the holiday country, just a few miles from the famous beaches of the west coast, and many other tourist attractions.

The tournament is open only to teams that are members of a football association registered with FIFA.

Age groups

11 players -a-side
B19 born January 1st 1994 +later
B17 born January 1st 1996 +later
B16 born January 1st 1997 +later
B15 born January 1st 1998 +later
B14 born January 1st 1999 +later
B13 born January 1st 2000+later
7 players -a-side
B12 born January 1st 2001+later
B11 born January 1st 2002+later

11 players -a-side
G19 born January 1st 1994 + later
G17 born January 1st 1996 + later
G16 born January 1st 1997 + later
G15 born January 1st 1998 + later
G14 born January 1st 1999 + later
G13 born January 1st 2000+later
7 players -a-side
G12 born January 1st 2001+later