Costa Blanca Cup (Summer)


Costa Blanca Cup (Summer)

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Benidorm, Spain 07-13 July 2013

The Costa Blanca Cup international youth football tournament will be held for the 19th time in 2012. Here at the tournament organisation we are proud to have brought together many teams and different nationalities over the years.The Costa Blanca Cup gives players and those accompanying them the chance to share unforgettable experiences with participants from other regions and countries both on and off the field. Sunny days, crystal-clear waters, a wide range of leisure activities and great days out provide the ideal backdrop for the passion shared by youngsters around the world: FOOTBALL.We would like to thank all the players, coaches and managers of all the participating teams, as well as the host towns, sponsors and collaborators for helping to make the Costa Blanca Cup one of Europe’s leading tournaments.

Since its early days, the Costa Blanca Cup has always combined traditional sporting values – hard work, self-improvement and team spirit – with sheer excitement amongst team members and clubs from a wide range of backgrounds. Next year’s tournament will see over 250 teams and 20 nationalities taking part.

Age groups

B19 Born after 01-01-1994 11 A-Side
B16 Born after 01-01-1997 11 A-Side
B15 Born after 01-01-1998 11 A-Side
B14 Born after 01-01-1999 11 A-Side
B13 Born after 01-01-200011 A-Side
B12 Born after 01-01-2001  8 A-Side
B11 Born after 01-01-2002  8 A-Side
B10 Born after 01-01-2003  8 A-Side

G Open Age 11 A-Side
G16 Born after 01-01-1997  8 A-Side

Special Permits
Teams from countries (USA and England) whose cut-off date is August 1st may register players born after this date in the year prior to the date specified in each age group.