Gothia Cup Sweden 2023

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Gothia Cup, Gothenburg, Sweden
16th to 22nd July 2023

The football adventure dream
MANY YOUNG FOOTBALL PLAYERS and leaders cherish a dream to participate just once in the Gothia Cup. To try their strength against international resistance. To experience the very special atmosphere that is created where a whole world unites. To be with & exchange reflections, ideas & addresses with players/leaders from countries they may never even have heard of. For more than 25,000 players and leaders this dream comes true. Year after year.
We wish you a warm welcome & will explain what we believe makes Gothia Cup the leading youth tournament of the world.

International Football
WE BELIEVE that matches against other countries will broaden the minds of young players.
We want every match to be exciting, challenging and an everlasting memory, regardless of the score. In Gothia Cup, at least 80% of boys´matches will be played by teams from different countries. The girls´ football will consist of more countries and higher standard than any other youth tournament in the world.

WE BELIEVE it is important to make a tournament a lifelong memory. A moment for everyone, of harmony and kinship. We want to create this moment with the Gothia Opening Ceremony. It’s a memory you’ll smile fondly at for the rest of your life.

WE BELIEVE that Fair Play is the essence of all football. We want everyone to show respect and honesty on and off the field. In Gothia Cup, we always obey the rules of FIFA/UEFA, concerning ages/regulations. Fair Play goes for everyone at all levels

International meetings
WE BELIEVE that young people facing other cultures, religions, and life get knowledge and experience that will be vital later on. We want Gothia Cup to be avenue for the football youth of the world.

WE BELIEVE in creating a complete experience for our guests. We want to turn a football tournament into much more than just football. Gothia Cup week must also be characterized by activities, giving you a good time and the feeling of being part of something very special.

Age Groups Boys
Age Groups Girls
B18 – born 1/1-2005 and later
B17 – born 1/1-2006 and later
B16 – born 1/1-2007 and later
B15 – born 1/1-2008 and later
B14 – born 1/1-2009 and later
B14B – born 1/1-09 or later (9-a-side)*
B13 – born 1/1-2010 and later (9-a side)
B12 – born 1/1-2011 and later (7-a side)**
B11 – born 1/1-2012 and later (7-a side)**

* The age category plays 9-a-side.
Gothia Cup reserve the right to cancel

this category

by April 1st if less than 20 teams are registered.

** girls and boys 11 & 12 no results published

and there is no playoff.

Instead there will be a second group stage.

G18 – born 1/1-2005 and later
G17 – born 1/1-2006 and later
G16 – born 1/1-2007 and later
G15 – born 1/1-2008 and later
G14 – born 1/1-2009 and later
G14B – Girls born 1/1-09 or later (9-a-side)*
G13 – born 1/1-2010 and later (9-a side)
G12 – born 1/1-2011 and later (7-a side)**